30 years of experience

1st place in coffee export

Kosher certification

100% Mexican company

Mexican company with more than 30 years experience in the coffee business which came from the creator’s idea to offer a high quality product and a new alternative to coffee consumption for lovers of this drink.

Don Pepe Coffee S.A. de C.V. was created in 1994 under the direction of C.P. José Gorbeña Marenco, starting in Córdoba and then moving into Huatusco making the adventure in the coffee industry consolidating their presence in states like Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero y Puebla through an ambitious marketing strategy of all types of coffee.

Currently Don Pepe Coffee, maintains its facilities in a perfect state, being the first to modernize the coffee industry. It is one of the few companies of its kind that distribute coffee at a national level to Nestle Mexico, enforcing with the rules that this Swiss company has for its suppliers, has earned the certificated: NQS (Nestle Quality system) which has positioned it at the forefront of Mexico's coffee companies.

100% Mexican company

Located in the 1st place of the 100% Mexican companies exporters of green coffee.

Better coffee growing areas

We work directly with producers of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Puebla y Veracruz.

High quality

Selection of coffees with the best aroma and flavor.

We buy coffee

We buy from 1kg to all your harvest.

Our market

Aproximately 150,000 bags per year


Selectively picked only the ripe cherries are harvested and they are picked individually by hand. Pickers rotate among the trees every 8–10 days, choosing only the cherries that are at the peak of ripeness. Because this kind of harvest is laboured intensive and it is used primarily to harvest the finer Arabian beans.

Once harvested, the cherries must be transformed to become parchment coffee, and this is achieved by removing the skin and pulp that surrounds them, by mechanical treatment, and then leave them to ferment. This process eliminates the rest of the pulp, leaving perfectly clean grains and later remove all impurities by washing method.
The rigorous selection of grain is done through a calibrated machine, ensuring the level of quality we offer, with internal controls that are monitored at all times, later green coffee stored in bags for roasting.

Green coffee is placed into a roaster which hot air is applied (between 390° F/200 ° C and 430° F /220 ° C), transforming it chemically and physically, causing an important water loss, an increasing its volume and change to a brown colour. While roasting seems simple, it is essential to determine the taste and quality of the grain, it is a complex process, where each step requires precision, control and strict supervision by specialists, who extract the grains throughout all the operation and can interrupt or prolong the process to obtain the full potential. Then roasted beans are taken out of the roaster extend to be cool rapidly to be packed in metalized bags.
The process of dry coffee, basically involves cleaning of parchment coffee by separating stones, sticks, trash, etc. To proceed to crunch off the parchment skin, threshing or trite and a series of selection processes coffee beans for their shape, size, weight, density and colour. The final product is green coffee.

Types of coffee we buy

We buy any type of coffee throughout the year, but must go through a strictly quality control to ensure that our final product is to your satisfaction.
“Quality is the essential part of our company”


for producers and exporters:

  • Qualified professionals
    They choose the best coffee beans, follow high quality standards, in order to guarantee our customers a select product.
  • Benefit of moist coffee
    A process is carried out, where the fruit of the coffee plant when it reaches its ripe state (coffee cherry) is transformed into parchment coffee. This process consists primarily of pulping, washing and drying cherry coffee.
  • Benefits of dry coffee
    In the case of the dry benefit, it basically consists in cleaning the parchment coffee by separating stones, sticks, garbage, etc., to proceed with the morteo, threshing or threshing and a series of processes for the selection of coffee beans, by its shape, size, weight, density, color. The final product is green coffee.

Purchase our coffee

For best coffee, you should have only the best beans, therefore we use only high quality grains. We guarantee an unparalleled experience.
“Quality is the essential part of our company”

Our market

Of the Mexican companies exporting green coffee, Don Pepe Coffee is positioned in the first place. These are some overseas countries which we are working with:

International sales

  • United States
  • Ecuador
  • Germany
  • England
  • Italy
  • Switzerland

International sales

  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates


José Gorbeña Marenco
CEO - Owner
(271) 405 0566

Pepe Gorbeña Theriot
General Director
(273) 734 2525 x104

Juan Mario Remes Ripoll
General Manager
(273) 734 2525 x115

Juan Gerardo Perdomo Abella
Commercial Director
(273) 734 2525 x108

Marisol Argüello Rincón
Domestic Sales
(273) 734 2525 x111

Ernesto Calatayud del Castillo
Retail Sales
(271) 713 4048

Mariano Fuentes Talavera
Customer Service
(271) 713 0014

María Guadalupe Silva Sánchez
Customer Service
(273) 734 2525 x110

Norma Martínez Ortiz
Coffee Buyer
(273) 734 2525 x102

Venustiano Rubio Ojeda
Operation Manager
(273) 734 2525 x103

The coffee expert

"Aroma and flavor in a tradition "

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